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About Us

The Footwear 4 Kids initiative was founded by William Foreste Bourgault, during the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. He was cleaning out his closet and noticed that he had a few pairs of shoes that he outgrew. He then did some research but couldn't find an organization that focused on providing footwear at no-cost to children and youth in need in the City of Ottawa.

The Footwear 4 Kids initiative is a charitable project and social movement that encourages and assists members of our community, shoe stores, and corporate businesses to donate for a child in need of a good pair of shoes.

In collaboration with our community partners below, your donated pairs are given to children and youth in need in the City of Ottawa.

​Do you have a pair of shoes for a child in need?

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Our mission is to support and advocate for the needs of the children, youth, and families in our community and tackle one of the most visible signs of poverty,  by assisting, supporting, and advocating for our community partners assisting families in need.


We believe that every child deserves a good pair of shoes.

Our vision is to lead the way when it comes to shoes for children in need, and that one day every child that needs a pair of shoes can get a good pair. 

The Footwear4kids Team

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William Foreste Bourgault

Founder & Executive Director

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Director of Community Engagement & Strategy


Jennifer Maxwell

Director of Advancement & Strategy


Pascal Michaud

Director of Strategic Planning & Strategy


Anass Belgaoudi

Community Liaison Coordinator


Dalida Alhaddad

Community Liaison Coordinator


Maninder Singh

Community Liaison Coordinator


Petrina Daley

Team Member


Luke Ffrench

Team Member


Alyssa Sequin

Team Member


Ahmad Alalwani

Team Member

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Alpha Mumbere

Team Member


Nicolette Kaplan

Team Member

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Commonly Asked Questions

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