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Footwear 4 Kids is a charitable project that was adopted by the Caldwell Family Centre as a program. William Bourgault had the idea to start this project at 21 years old on August 1st, 2020, when he was cleaning out his closet last year and noticed that he had many pairs of running shoes that he wanted to donate. Run by 22 volunteers, they provide footwear to low-income children, youth, and families in need in the City of Ottawa. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many individuals and families, particularly newcomers to Canada, those fleeing domestic violence/abuse, those experiencing homelessness, and those facing unforeseen circumstances such as job loss, house fire, etc. 

The project caught the attention of many media outlets as well and was published on 10 Media channels some include but are not limited to,  Ottawa Citizen, CityNews Ottawa, CBC Radio, Ottawasun, CTV Morning Live, CBC Ottawa, Youth Ottawa, and Algonquin Times.

Between August 2020 and August 2021 the project operated with 22 dedicated volunteers. The project had 13 volunteer drivers, 5 families support workers, a Donations Coordinator, a Volunteer Coordinator, and an Assistant Project Coordinator.

More than 2000 pairs of running shoes and winter boots have been delivered to families in need in the City of Ottawa. Additional items such as clothing, bedding, household items such as dishes, and small kitchen appliances were added into their boxes thanks to the Caldwell Family Centre’s Clothing Assistance Program. Recipients of the items included newcomers to Canada, those fleeing domestic violence/abuse, those experiencing homelessness, and those facing unforeseen circumstances such as job loss, house fire, etc.


  • 2021 RBC Spirit of the Capital Award in the Service and Caring category 

“We believe that every child deserves a good pair of shoes” 

Names of all 22 Volunteer Members of the 2020/2021 project 

William Bourgault - Founder/Program Manager / Ganaelle Brunet - Donations Coordinator / Monica - Volunteer Coordinator / Saivani Senassy - Assistant Project Coordinator / Mackenzie Gordon - Senior Family Support Worker / Matthew Mendonca - Family Support Workers / Ahmad Alwani - Family Support Worker / Alpha Mumbere - Family Support Worker / Kathleen Holland - Family Support Worker / Anass Belaoudi  - Volunteer Driver / Pascal Michaud - Volunteer Driver / Yazmina Richer - Volunteer Driver / Luke French - Volunteer Driver / Jen Maynard - Volunteer Driver / Darwin Castellar - Volunteer Driver / Mikayla Azzi  - Volunteer Driver / Petrina Daley - Volunteer Driver / Shawna Reid - Volunteer Driver / Wendy Miller - Volunteer Driver / Zyon Forsberg - Volunteer Driver / Nini Cohen - Volunteer Driver / Christian Larocque - Volunteer Driver


Our Mission, Vision, Values

Footwear 4 Kids Program values diversity. We are committed to maintaining a volunteer team that reflects the diversity of our community.


Every child deserves a good pair of shoes


is to reduce the impact of poverty in Ottawa


is a city without poverty where all residents live with dignity



We hold the rights of all persons in the highest regard and treat others with dignity in a non-judgmental, caring and clean environment 


We encourage and support our clients, and volunteers to achieve their full potential and control their own destinies


We work together with our clients and partners in developing services that are responsive to the changing needs of the community 


We work towards the emotional, physical, and financial security of our clients and our organization


Our partners


Caldwell Family Centre

Our supporters


Roots Canada

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Caldwell Family Centre 
20, 1100 Medford St #22, Ottawa, ON K1Z 8L5