About Us

Footwear 4 Kids is a charitable project run by a  dedicated team of volunteers. We provide footwear to children, youth, and families in need in the City of Ottawa.

We work in close collaboration with the Caldwell Family Centre located in the City of Ottawa.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many individuals and families, particularly newcomers to Canada, those fleeing domestic violence/abuse, those experiencing homelessness, and those facing unforeseen circumstances such as job loss, house fire, etc. 

Footwear 4 Kids specializes in footwear more specifically running shoes and winter boots for children and youth in need.  

Our ongoing efforts will ensure many individuals and families have safe, appropriate footwear and clothing for the season.


Senior Management Team 


William Bourgault

Founder / Operations Manager

William is 21 years old and is currently a Child and Youth Care Worker. He has worked with at-risk and vulnerable youth for two and a half years. In addition he has worked with victims of crime and marginalized communities here in the City of Ottawa. William continues to steer Footwear 4 Kids in the midst of a pandemic and continues to expand its resources and volunteer team to better support the individuals and families requesting assistance.

He recently graduated from the Police Foundations Program at Algonquin College and currently sits as a member on the Ottawa Police Youth Advisory Committee.

“I believe that every child deserves a good pair of shoes. As Founder/Operations Manager of this charitable project. I am most proud of our dedicated volunteer team that continues to give time, energy, and flexibility to this project. Thank you to Ottawa’s communities, community organizations & agencies frontline workers, and media for supporting us and for making this project a continued success”


Ganaelle Burnet


Team Member description coming soon...


Mackenzie Gordon  

Senior Family Support Worker

Mackenzie holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double Majors in sociology & psychology and recently got accepted into a Masters program in Social Work. Her strong research background in the areas of homelessness in Canada, marginalization, community housing, community outreach, Youth, and Mental health is a great benefit to our team. Being a family Support Worker has given her the opportunity to strengthen communities, support, and advocate for children, youth, and their families. She enjoys being able to assist members of the Ottawa area while connecting them to much-needed items and resources.


Our Mission, Vision, Values

Footwear 4 Kids values diversity. We are committed to maintaining a volunteer team that reflects the diversity of our community.

Our Motto

Every child deserves a good pair of shoes


is to reduce the impact of poverty in Ottawa


is a city without poverty where all residents live with dignity



We hold the rights of all persons in the highest regard and treat others with dignity in a non-judgmental, caring and clean environment 


We encourage and support our clients, and volunteers to achieve their full potential and control their own destinies


We work together with our clients and partners in developing services that are responsive to the changing needs of the community 


We work towards the emotional, physical, and financial security of our clients and our organization


Our partners


Caldwell Family Centre

Our supporters


Roots Canada

Contact Us

Caldwell Family Centre 
20, 1100 Medford St #22, Ottawa, ON K1Z 8L5