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How to donate footwear? It's easy! We'll come to you.

We accept slightly used shoes and winter boots of all sizes (kids and adult sizes)

We will reach out to you via email within 2 weeks and will coordinate a time with you on when we can come pick up your donation.

*Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we ask donors to leave their donations on the porch for contactless pickup. 

What type of footwear are you donating?
Are you an individual or store?
How would you like your donations donated?

Thank you for your donation! We will be in contact with you soon


Footwear data 2022


- Local

More than 2500 pairs of donated running shoes and winter boots have been given to families in need in the City of Ottawa since 2020


- International

30 pairs of donated running shoes have been delivered to children in need in Uganda.


- by end of 2022

30 pairs of donated running shoes will have been delivered to children in need in Haiti by end of 2022