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2021 Back to School Campaign

Every year the Caldwell Family Centre gives hundreds of backpacks with school supplies to kids attending kindergarten to grade 8. This year we are including shoes as well through our Footwear4kids program.

Your generous donation will help a child this coming school year. 

- Kids shoes

- Gently used backpacks

- New school supplies: pencils, pens, crayons, coloured pencils, markers, lined paper, duo-tangs, binders, binder dividers, lined notebooks, metric rulers, children’s scissors, pencil erasers, geometry sets, calculators, glue sticks, highlighters

*Please fill the form below. 

School Supplies

How to donate?

Please bring your items to the Caldwell Famly Centre located at: 20, 1100 Medford St #22, Ottawa, ON K1Z 8L5

Phone Number: 613) 728-1800


Hours of operation below

Monday 9a.m.– 4p.m 

Tuesday 9a.m.– 4p.m.

Wednesday 9a.m.– 4p.m.

Thursday 9a.m.– 4p.m.

Friday 9a.m.– 6p.m.

Saturday 9a.m.– 2p.m

Sunday - Closed