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Volunteer Opportunities

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Join our team!

The Footwear4kids Team is a dedicated team of like-minded citizens from our community who choose to give their time, energy, and skills to a fast-growing initiative providing direct relief and support to youth organizations and schools in our city. 

Volunteers assist in the collection of shoe donations from the public, from partners, and during special events.

The Footwear 4 Kids initiative also participates in a variety of footwear-raising events during the year, and Volunteers help with footwear4kids’s presence at these events. 

​Requirement: Volunteers are expected to make a 3-month commitment to the initiative.

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By joining our team you help us reach our vision that one day every child that needs a pair of shoes can get a good pair.

Help us lead the way when it comes to shoes for children in need and continue our mission to support and advocate for the needs of children, youth, and families in our community.

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Volunteer Application Process

  1. Fill out our Volunteer Application Form.

  2. Phone Interview.

  3. (2) References & Level (1) Criminal Record Check completed by the Ottawa Police Service.  

  4. Join our team and help make a difference in your community! 

Link below.  

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More Opportunities

We also have internal opportunities such as becoming a Community Liaison Coordinator working directly alongside our community partners in the community.

This involves assisting in distributing our shoes to community organizations and schools in our city that have participants in need of athletic shoes. The Footwear 4 Kids initiative also participates in a variety of special events during the year, and Coordinators help coordinate footwear4kids’ presence at these events.

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